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27th-Nov-2011 11:43 pm - #97: Fringe
i saw you on the day
I suppose I should warn so no one yells at me just in case: I COULDN'T RESIST MAKING ICONS OF THE EPISODE 8 PROMO BECAUSE IT WAS AMAZING. So, um, yes, there's technically a spoiler if you think promos = spoilers.

[24] Fringe

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plan b
I'M BACK! And I went a bit nuts.

And thank you to everyone who spammed me pics! I tried to do at least one of every fandom that I got pics for... hopefully I didn't miss any. And some got more than others... sorry 'bout that. But, ya know, the muse is finicky sometimes. :p

Anyway, onward!

[16] The Vampire Diaries
[16] Doctor Who
[16] Game of Thrones
[12] Other Stuff: Phantom of the Opera, Burn Notice, Emmy Rossum, Gerard Butler, The Tudors, Sanctuary, The Invisible Man, Skins, Lost, Harry Potter

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1st-Sep-2011 11:33 am - oh hi thar.
crying roman with a baby
*taptap* is this thing still on?

*cough* so, I guess it's been a while since I posted anything on LJ...

Am currently trying to rectify that in the form of making icons.

I could use some help, though. Need more stuff to icon.

Whiiiiiich means, yup, you guessed it... this is where I ask you to SPAM ME WITH PICS!!

Usual disclaimer applies: these aren't requests, no personal icons being made, won't use every cap, etc etc. BUT I WILL USE GOOD ONES.

So, please, help a girl out...? And get some icons in the process...?

LOVE YOU ALL. Sorry for being so shamefully lazy.
1st-Jun-2011 12:41 am - MAGICAWARDS!
you were made to be ruled


And thanks again x100000 to justmyb0nes and hsapiens for nomming me and telling me about the comm! :D
27th-Apr-2011 05:54 pm - #95: Fringe, Doctor Who
jimmy burger
At last, obsession inspiration! Fringe! Because I'm completely in love with Lincoln Lee the alternate universe.

And then some Doctor Who icons, because, well, I couldn't resist.

[24] Fringe
[08] Doctor Who

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14th-Apr-2011 12:45 pm - #94: Sherlock, The Vampire Diaries
walking blasphemy
Apologies, everyone, for my severe lack of activity of late. School and another100years have taken over my life. But here's another bitty batch.

[10] Sherlock
[04] The Vampire Diaries

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28th-Nov-2010 11:24 am - #93: Doctor Who
the violins make no sound
Ok, this is, truly, an abysmally small batch. And it's been sitting on my hard drive for about three and a half months now, so I figure it's time to just post it already.

Sorry I haven't made any icons for recent stuff, but I've been surprisingly busy, mostly with other artistic stuff, like script writing.

Anyway... some old school DW icons, almost all Second era, but there's one random Steven one in there too. And I apologize for the ridiculous colors and lack of originality, but every single of these caps started in black and white, and I didn't want to just make a bunch of black and white icons, but there's only so many ways that I know to make color out of black and white.

[12] Doctor Who

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summertime on andoria
So, I started some Legend of the Seeker icons way back in March... and then stopped. Finally decided to get back to it the other day.

[11] Fringe
[20] Doctor Who
[08] Legend of the Seeker
[04] The Adventures of Sir Lancelot

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porcelain and a piercing gaze
So, holy crap, I haven't made icons in like 2 months. I'm afraid my out-of-practiceness kind of shows in a lot of these, but, well, there were worse ones that I rejected ;)

Warning: Spoilers and gradient map abuse. Oh, and possible eye-assaulting colors. Sorry.

And yes, I iconned a show I don't even watch. Shuddup.

[28] Supernatural
[16] Doctor Who
[12] The Vampire Diaries

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something is broken in you
Apologies for the unintentional iconning hiatus... I had no contacts (only glasses) for like two weeks, and my glasses make everything smaller and more blurry, so I can't do any iconning while wearing them... not anything good, anyway.

BUT all is well now. And I finally iconned stuff I've been planning to icon for weeks now. Except the DS one... I made that a few days after I posted the last set of icons.

[12] White Collar
[20] Firefly
[01] Dark Shadows

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